Here’s how to handle it if your friend desires to rest to you

To those that think platonic friendships between reverse sexes do not occur, we call bullshit. YES, it is fairly easy to own man buddies you truthfully do not have fascination with fucking, and vice versa. But every occasionally, you will encounter that man buddy who would like to be much more than buddies. Like, a lot more, like in your buddy desires to rest with you. Just what exactly do you really do?

I’d this precise experience whenever a detailed buddy confessed with me one night when he was drunk that he wanted to sleep. It absolutely was a call that is easy i simply was not into him that way. It’s obvious that in spite of how try that is hard you can find individuals who you may not bang. Simple and plain.

But their confession wound up turning me down to him on an entire bigger scale, and a short while later decided that i possibly couldn’t keep a relationship with him. There is one thing me that left me feeling betrayed about him secretly harbouring these feelings of wanting to pound. Just how long had this been taking place?