With that knowledge, you can select a subkey somewhere near where you think you’ll find the item and then use the search feature to find it. This takes much less time than searching the entire Registry for the item. Again, to avoid problems, you should delete only those keys or settings that you created yourself. If you’re not sure about deleting a setting, try renaming it instead. If a problem arises, you can also return the setting back to its original name. Before you consider changing the registry, create a backup first.

  • You may still get the wrong time whenever you start Windows, and it can be frustrating to keep changing it.
  • Most also let you undo changes on a one-at-a-time or batch basis.
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Custom Scrollbars for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge allows you to add a personal touch to your browsing session. Same as above, but the file will be merged silently, without the confirmation dialog. In Windows 8, there is a button to disable inheritance. Search for Command Prompt, right-click the result and select Run as administrator. If you need to revert the changes, you’ll need to use alternative steps because, for obvious reasons, you won’t be able to open the Registry. After completing the steps, you won’t be able to open and modify the Registry in the account to which you applied the restriction.

  • Without dynamic linking, making changes to part of a code library—for example, a dialog box for saving a file—would mean making changes to every statically linked program that uses it.
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  • You must reboot after installing or removing support for Terminal Services.

Actually, 99.99% means the program will produce an error once every runs. Make a Notepad blurb to remind you what the keys were for. If you entered the public library and was told one of the books had 1000 typos, would you walk out? That book with the errors would only affect you if you chose that particular book, and even then, it would probably be very readable. The average book is 150,000 words, so what’s the issue with 1000 spelled wrong.

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Deleting a key deletes its values and all its subkeys as well, so without the protection of Undo , this action is serious. You can delete the entry by viewing its key and locating the value on the right pane. Select the value and choose Edit, Delete from the menu, or right-click and select Delete from the context menu. If you’ve come this far without a result, it’s very likely that you’re encountering this issue because of system file corruption.